March 27, 2009

NO MORE P!!!!!!!!

hello every body just need to share to all of you. last Wednesday i went to Kuantan to renew my license, my license had expired at last month, but i postponed renew license because waiting other friends to renew together. So in one month i not go to Kuantan with my lovely LC135. So last wednesday i went to JPJ to renew this license with my friends. as your information this day i waiting for 2 years because i hate to put P or to drive car with P. so i now can drive any motorcycle and car without P. so to mai and fara just wait and when you get P you know what i taking hahahhahah!!
my renew license!! tomorrow mission: GO Kuantan!!

1 your said???:

WaFa' An NisA... said...

eheheleh....tu pun nak kecoh2..helmi propa la...heheheh

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